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Freedom Property LLC, established in 2014, specializes in the acquisition, redevelopment, and management of residential, multi-family, and self-storage properties throughout New England. We offer bespoke solutions for property owners seeking to divest of their assets quickly, seamlessly, and without incurring typical real estate commission costs. We provide a range of options and quality service at a competitive price point.

Luke Florian, founder of Freedom Property LLC, began his real estate journey at 18 by purchasing his first investment property while attending the University of Connecticut. Using savings from a paper-route and various jobs, he later leveraged his experiences to grow the company’s real estate portfolio. His background in construction, remodeling, and the trades provide a strong foundation for his real estate business, which focuses on becoming a leading provider of housing and self-storage in Central Connecticut.

Sellers of various assets have found success working with Freedom Property LLC, due to the range of options offered to meet their specific needs. These options include owner financing, installment sales, master leases, quick/cash sales, owner 2nd mortgages, conventional purchases, subject-to and more. The goal of Freedom Property LLC is to provide tailored solutions for sellers, whether it’s minimizing tax exposure, maximizing sale price, or closing as quickly as possible.

Freedom Property LLC has developed strong relationships with private investors and banks, offering them the opportunity to invest in real estate without the burden of day-to-day management. We offer various investment options, including debt and equity, and a combination of both, providing strong risk-adjusted returns backed by assets, making it a great hedge against inflation. Our investor base, coupled with our bank relationships, allows us to move quickly on opportunities. We have access to a range of financing options, including large national banks, local community banks, and the SBA, depending on the type of acquisition we seek to make.